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About Me

Andrew Goldstein is an active singer and teacher in the Washington DC and northern Virginia areas.  A performer with the Washington National Opera and Maryland Lyric Opera chorus, he has also performed as a soloist and in operas in Italy, Michigan, Illinois, and more.  He is currently a member of the professional virtual choir Vox Clamantis.


Andrew has taught K-12 general music, band, and chorus in Fairfax and Loudoun County public schools, and teaches voice, piano, and saxophone privately in Ashburn, Herndon, and online.


Under the direction of Grammy award-winning conductor Robert Shafer, Andrew sang with Shenandoah's Conservatory and Chamber Choir in Rome, Venice, Florence, and Assisi, Italy, as well as at the Strathmore Performing Arts Center in Maryland.  Originally a saxophone player, he has played for over fifteen years was featured in Shenandoah Conservatory's performance at the Virginia Music Education Association conference. 


Andrew received his Master's degree in Voice Pedagogy, Bachelor's in Music Education, and certification from the Contemporary Commercial Music Institute at Shenandoah Conservatory. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Why music?

Whether it's a hobby, outlet, or career goal, music is a skill that you will enjoy and use for the rest of your life. It helps academically, creates friendships, and builds confidence.

How do online lessons work?

Once we set up a lesson time you'll receive a Zoom link (Facetime is also an option) to open on a laptop or other device. It's very helpful to have a stand or other surface nearby to put your device. For singers, it is helpful to have another device at hand for Youtube karaoke, lyrics, or printed sheet music, and then to make sure you can stand a few feet away from the video device. For piano I recommend putting the video device at the end of the piano facing the center for a 'long' angle and for saxophone a 'head-on' angle, to check body posture and hand position. I also recommend for piano and saxophone having a metronome and pencil on hand to write down notes and weekly objectives.

What are lessons like?

My lessons begin with warmups that target the specific goals we are working on. After warmups we work on repertoire, focusing on whatever we find needs improvement or a certain skill that applies to the entire piece. Repertoire will be picked by both the student and the teacher, because it is only fair that the student has a say in what they are practicing! Whatever it is, every song will be age and level appropriate and targeting specific goals that builds up student ability. At the end of the lesson we review what we worked on and any new information, and set up goals and assignments for the following lesson.

Am I the right age for lessons?

Everyone is the right age for music lessons! Music is a lifelong journey and discipline, so everyone can start as soon as they feel ready. Students can start saxophone lessons whenever they begin in school. It is normally recommended to not begin voice lessons until 12 or 13, when the voice is more ready developmentally. I strongly believe that anyone interested in music should begin on piano. Piano teaches a majority of skills your student would need for any other instrument, keyboards can be very affordable, and it may be too early for your student to select a school instrument. Starting younger will also help them retain musical knowledge in future years. My teaching style adapts to the student and how they best learn, so age is not a limiting factor for improvement.

Where do you offer your lessons?

For now I teach exclusively online, and have seen the results and unique benefits online lessons can achieve through my students! From the comfort of your home you can get the same instruction as in-person without driving.

Do I have to have a piano at home?

If you are taking piano lessons, yes you will need a keyboard! Under 'Helpful Links' I've included links and guides for affordable keyboards. If you are voice/saxophone, you do not! Having a keyboard (and learning piano) is very helpful for singers, to figure out their notes or if they want to accompany themselves, but for lessons I will either play on mine or the student will pull up a karaoke track.

How do I pay?

I accept either credit card or Venmo.

What are the benefits of a monthly package?

You save money! Choosing the monthly lesson package ensures that you keep your designated time, receive weekly lessons, and you're only charged once a month. Weekly lessons are also important to recieve consistent feedback, prepare for upcoming auditions or events, and keep the student on the right track.



Andrew has been my voice teacher for about 2 years now. I've felt comfortable with Andrew since I met him, and our relationship has only grown stronger as I've gotten to know him. Voice lessons with him are very engaging, easy to follow, and fun. I enjoy going to voice lessons with Andrew and having discussions with him about music and learning how to properly sing. I'm currently a student in the process of applying to be a music major, and Andrew has guided me along the way and made the process a lot less nerve-wracking than otherwise. I'd highly recommend Andrew, especially if you're looking to pursue music in the future. 

Andrew is a wonderful and talented instructor, my daughter has been learning piano for 1 year and she simply loves it. He has helped her improve a lot and she looks forward to her classes. You will not regret taking his lessons.

Thank you for everything! He really enjoys working with you and looks forward to your lessons every week.

I've never had professional vocal training before.  I decided to take classes at The Music Loft to improve my vocal ability for singing and for work since I'm always training customers.  I highly recommend Andrew Goldstein, he is an amazing instructor- I learned so much from him.  He finds your strengths but also works on your weaknesses to expand your vocal range.  His professionalism and expertise is greatly appreciated.  I learned a lot about how my body is an instrument and how to use the tools within to make me a better vocalist.  I'm usually sent away on unexpected business trips, and Andrew was always prompt in his responses and flexible with my schedule.