Lessons for ages 12 and up!  Students will learn how to sing freely and healthily, for auditions, school, or just for fun.  We work on technique, breathing, posture, style, stage presence, and everything else that makes the well-rounded singer!

30 min                       30

55 min                       55

Monthly bundle      200



Lessons for the beginner and intermediate player will build a strong foundation of technique, theory, and musicianship.  We will work on music I assign and music the student wants to work on, as well as scales and learning by ear.

30 min                        30

55 min                        55

Monthly bundle      200



Lessons for beginning to advanced students, including those who want to audition for college.  I solidify and improve the basics like articulation, fingering, sightreading, and sound production through the scales, etudes, and pieces, and prepare any school or audition material.  Students learn to look past the page and discover their own musical interpretation.

30 min                       30

55 min                       55

Monthly bundle     200



Tutoring in diatonic, chromatic, and 20th-century theory for students taking theory at school, getting ready for college diagnostic exams, or just want to learn more about the music they're playing!

30 min                       30

55 min                       55

Monthly bundle     200